Core Values

Our core values support our purpose and are our moral compass. We aim to stand apart from the crowd because we will not compromise on the following:

1.     Transparency

We are passionate, adventurous, and determined to make an impact, and that can make the ride bumpy at times. But we’re also open and very connected to what we do, and we are transparent in our dealings with our customers, allowing us we believe, to thereby serve them better than our competitors.

2.     Thoughtfulness

Too much development is undertaken without thought for those impacted by it. With change so unwelcome by some, and uncomfortable for many, it’s our job to be as considerate as we can be when imagining, designing and creating our developments.

3.      Humility

Building real estate is a complex and challenging process. We will not always get it right, or implement as well as we could do. If we get something wrong we will put our hands up. We believe it is important to be humble when we are wrong, to learn salutary lessons, and to strive to continuously improve.

4.     Gratitude

When we do perform well the rewards can be abundant. We will always strive to be gracious and give back where we can. We like to think that profitability is a consequence of having a good business, not the reason for it. We support a number of worthwhile causes.

5.    Resilience

We strive to be bold in our aspirations, and resilient when the going gets tough. We are unremitting in our willingness to grind out results when we have committed ourselves, no matter how difficult the process may be.

6.     Adaptability

Charles Darwin famously taught us that in the struggle for survival the species most capable of adapting itself to environmental change would be the species that survived. We believe constant adaption to change will allow us to thrive. We welcome turbulence and change as we believe it rewards our creative mind-set.