1. Raw Concrete: Article for www.earnestjournal.co.uk

    Founder Carlo Navato was asked to write a discourse on brutalism for the marvellous, award winning Earnest Journal. Here’s to the revival in interest for this most challenging of architectural movements.

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    Posted February 16, 2015

  2. Craftsmanship

    The most beautiful and inspiring film of the craft skill and love behind making an axe – the most primal and significant of man’s tools… From the stunning John Neeman workshop

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    Posted October 4, 2013

  3. Dieter Rams

    Dieter Rams is arguably the greatest industrial designer alive. We find his work for Braun and Vitsoe inspiring, and it was a source of great inspiration for, amongst others, Steve Jobs and Jonny Ive at Apple. We have drawn on it in our own design and craftsmanship manifesto. We celebrate his contribution to the world of intelligent design and agree with his exhortation that: “Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.” Rams unequivocally believes good design to be a key business

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