Haxted is a small, ambitious team bound together by a desire to do great work.  By collaborating very closely with the best in their fields, our advisors, designers, consultants, and contractors allow us to punch hard and above our weight. Small means that the key principals are close to the decisions that matter, and that they are taken rapidly. We are not over burdened with bureaucratic procedures. We move quickly, and are able to change direction rapidly when needs be.

We like to work with creative, multi-talented people – folks with physics degrees who design our website, architects who are also skilled artists, anthropologists who manage our company and its finances, lawyers who surf. What multi-skilled people all possess is the ability to make powerful connections, and solve problems across a wide range of disciplines. We love new ways of thinking that are at the intersection of design, culture and business, and we need people who can connect the dots between what’s culturally desirable, technically feasible, and viable from a business point of view.

We believe this approach works because the problems we are trying to solve are simply too complex for any one skill-set to tackle alone. So we look to work with multidisciplinary people. This makes for a much more invigorating day at work, and we think it makes for much better buildings.